Apica Announces Entry Into the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program

by | June 28, 2011

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 28, 2011 – Apica, a leading European load testing and performance-monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, today announced it has entered into the Cloud Tools Program with Rackspace® Hosting, (NYSE: RAX), the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry. Apica is offering its highly effective, state-of-the-art cloud load testing tools through a free trial made available to Rackspace customers for a “smoke test” to show how applications will perform under stressed load conditions. With Apica LoadTest, users may reduce the risk of project failure due to capacity and load issues and ensure excellence in the cloud.

Leading research firms Forrester and Gartner predict the global market for cloud computing will grow six-fold in the next 10 years. As more businesses move to cloud computing, it’s absolutely critical these businesses test their cloud applications prior to deployment to ensure uptime and optimal performance levels. Failure to deliver performance in an application will have a significant impact on the business. Apica solutions test, monitor and optimize cloud applications, and give businesses a true understanding of how their cloud applications perform.

Supporting Quotes

“We are pleased to have Apica join the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program. Our customers who use Apica technology can gain valuable insight on cloud application response times and can more easily tune their systems to accommodate high-spike loads, which can then put them in a much better position to succeed with their cloud application,”said Nishan Sivathasan, director of corporate development for Rackspace.


“Apica aligns with best-of-breed leaders, such as Rackspace, who is unmatched in the hosting and cloud computing industry. We are excited to offer Rackspace customers access to our tools, which are ideal for any company who has a critical need for performance excellence in the cloud,” said Sven Hammar, CEO for Apica.


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Apica is a leading provider of load testing and performance monitoring solutions that test, monitor and optimize cloud and mobile applications. More than 250 customers, including Newsday, PricewaterhouseCoopers, eBay Sweden and Thomas Cook, use Apica for the highest possible performance standards globally and in the cloud. Apica’s products are uniquely designed for cloud infrastructure and have performed some of the largest published load tests ever conducted. Apica WebExcellence Suite includes Apica LoadTest, Apica WebPerformance and Apica WebOverload, for testing applications for maximum capacity, real-time performance, improved load times and protection from peak load. Apica was founded in 2005 and is based both in Stockholm, Sweden and Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in the UK. To learn more about Apica, visit http://www.apicasystem.com.

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