Announcing Apica Web Performance New UI Design

by | June 10, 2016

Today we announced new enhancements to the Apica Web Performance (WPM) user interface. The new design is not only better looking, but also improves the overall experience for users with the interface. Based on customer feedback and with our users in mind, we created a better UI that is more concise, responsive, efficient and is still familiar to the user. With that in mind let’s present what is new with the re-design:

Single menu – We have removed the side menu and consolidated menu options to a single top menu to save vertical space and deliver a more attractive and concise experience. This means wider tables and charts, and more room for actionable data. For example, the “Check Details” page now shows much larger data and charts.

Flatter is better – We have moved toward a flatter design. Headers, buttons, and other elements have been flattened and gradients removed. This delivers a more modern design and contributes to the overall look and experience of WPM.

Retains familiar feel – While we have made some changes to the look of WPM, we have not changed the overall feel and workflow that you know and love. WPM still performs and delivers the data and analytics you need to keep your site performing at its best. We wanted to ensure the enhancements didn’t get in the way of getting work done, the functionality is the same, so you don’t have ot re-learn everything.

Monitor on the go – Along with all of these improvements, we have also made the UI mobile friendly with menus that ensure you can navigate WPM regardless of the device you are using. You can now check the performance of a site regardless of whether you are in the office, on a business trip or on your way to work.

All of these improvements to the Apica Web Performance solution deliver a more attractive, concise solution that will help you monitor the performance of your site. We are consistently evaluating ways to improve and to make our solutions responsive to your needs.

Apica Product Team