Agents of Apica: Expanding our network of monitoring agents

by | October 1, 2013

Website performance monitoring and maintenance takes a lot of diligence and expertise. For over 8 years, Apica has been a leader in the field of cloud and mobile application performance. We’ve improved browsing speeds for thousands of our clients worldwide. Apica started small in Stockholm, but we now have offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London, too.

In order to keep up with the demand for our monitoring services, we’ve grown our infrastructure by leaps and bounds. This past summer, Apica expanded to include 20 new measuring points in countries like Germany, England, and the US, but also in traditionally internet-underserved countries like Tanzania. Now, customers can monitor the performance of their websites and applications in over 150 unique selectable cities worldwide (and from their smartphones!).

Here’s how it works: the internet, as we know it, is dispersed across thousands of servers in data centers around the world. Each country has its own cluster of data centers. Apica’s monitoring agents are hosted on Windows/Linux servers at over 150 major locations. Whenever someone wants to know how they’re website or app is doing, they can sign into Apica’s mobile app and select cities of interest – our monitoring agents take it from there and do the work of tracking browser performance in real-time.

Apica also has “Inside Agents” that can be hosted in private networks in order to keep track of local, offline site performance for internal communications and testing.

To see the full list of Apica-monitored cities and learn more about our improvements, visit our Monitoring Locations page.