5 Reasons You Should Attend Our “Integrated Testing” Webinar

by | July 28, 2014


A free webinar – “Integrated Testing: Balancing Speed and Quality in Application Development.”




    1. You’ll learn all the strategic benefits to be gained from integrating testing and monitoring throughout the development lifecycle.
      Testing has long taken a back seat to development and release deadlines, often viewed as the last gateway before payday.  However, product quality is every bit as important as release speed, and there are many crucial benefits to be gained from considering both.


    1. You’ll find out how performance-sensitive industries (such as gaming and banking) approach testing and what you can learn from them.
      While performance is always important, for many businesses it can mean the difference between a horde of loyal customers and a serious drop in top-line revenue. Their rigorous approach to integrated testing offers a wealth of knowledge for the rest of us.


    1. You’ll become a master at benchmarking and measuring test results.
      How do businesses benchmark and quantify the effectiveness of their testing efforts? This is often considered one of the most difficult and ambiguous aspects of an integrated testing program.It doesn’t have to be this way. With a solid foundation of tools and know-how, you’ll not only learn how to read and analyze performance tests like a pro, but actually use those results to optimize product quality.


    1. You’ll step away with killer tips on how to incorporate testing into your business’s SDLC.
      Though you may be tempted to throw your hands up in defeat just thinking about it, businesses can integrate automated functional testing, load testing, and application monitoring into even the most time-sensitive SDLC.


  1. You’ll learn from a real team of experts who have seen it all….and we mean all.
    The webinar is hosted by tech media giant Gigaom and features a panel of tried and true performance pros:
    Ever wonder how applications like the Call of Duty Companion App are built to handle throngs of fanatic users all over the world? Keith Miller, Technical Director at Activision, will be there to talk about it.Interested in learning how integrated testing can be used to optimize your customer’s online experience and increase revenue? Ryan Shriver, Director of Technology at SingleStone Consulting, lives and breathes digital strategy.Want to really hone in on performance testing strategy and the metrics that matter? Mark Gilbert, Performance Engineer at Apica, has decades of experience testing and optimizing websites and applications for peak performance.



July 31, 2014
10:00am — 11:00am PDT


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