5 Challenges Merchants Face When Wanting To Sell Globally

by | May 28, 2013

I recently read a blog(http://ecommercedevelopmentsolution.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/5-challenges-merchants-face-when-wanting-to-sell-globally/)

Regarding e-commerce and selling globally and the factors needed to be taken in to account. And after reading the post I realizes that the author had left out one of the most important factors. The performance of the site compared to the local competitors in the market.

The points that where listed was as follows:

  1.  Is there global demand?
  2. Translating content products
  3. Accepting payments
  4. Local competitors
  5. Shipping


These above are all key points for success when branching out.  But the key factor here is that is the site is not working correctly that performance is poor. Might be down to multiple reason and this is why Apica provides both SLA, and web application monitoring. This allow you to see not just the response time but also features like login , add to basked and shopping flow functions Are working as expected.

Then none of the points listed have any effect on swaying the customers away from your competitors.

So when ticking of your boxes on your road to success in ecommerce ensure that you how your site and service are performing.
Also keep a close eye on how the competitors site is performing.

To quote Amazon a 0.1 second delay in performance can cost you 1% I sales. And when taking on a new market 1% counts in winning over the hears of the customers.
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